About presentation of IEP program

In my opinion, if we want to show a good presentation, we must have a nice PPT firstly. Before making PPT for our presentations, we should collect the information needed which includes main points, powerful examples and pictures and diagrams, and analyze and organize them. Next, we use those useful information to make our PPTs. After that, we should make ourselves completely understand and keep it in our minds, so we can introduce the presentations smoothly and accurately.


About Research Paper

All citizens should be required to pass a driving education course.

I chose this for my research topic because I think it is the question that worth considerable.  Every year a lot of people lose their lives in the traffic accidents. In my opinion, these could have been avoided to some content if everyone had conformed the traffic regulations and laws.  In China, we have to attend a driving education course firstly, then take a test of driving license later. In this case, there are still many traffic accidents happening every day. Sometimes I am thinking of a good way to prevent people from accidents.